Create a 50’s Style Diner at Home – Don’t Forget to Add the Neon Signs  

Have you ever wanted to recreate your favorite 50’s style diner at home? Well it’s easy, all you need is a little imagination plus some inspiration, throw in a great neon sign and you’ll be cookin’ in style. Read more now on Custom Neon Signs

Was Happy Days one of your favorite shows as you were growing up? Have you ever wanted to hang out with the gang like on Grease? These days it’s easy to recreate this fun look at home. You can go all out, but you can create the look on a budget as well.

If your floor is in need of a tune up, be sure to look for black and white vinyl or tiles. This look is easy to find and fun the minute you see it. Add some bright colored seating, either in the form of chairs or a booth. And be sure to max out the chrome! You can find fun vinyl tablecloths and accessories for your kitchen or dining room at your local store or on the web. Look for old records or nostalgic items at your local second hand or antique store. Your theme could be Coke or Route 66 or James Dean or just about anything you can imagine. Then be sure to add some neon!

Neon signs are an affordable, fun way to light up your new at home diner! You can find cool neon signs in countless styles to recreate any memory. There are also neon and led pictures that feature great photos of old diners or movie stars highlighted with spots of neon and led, creating a look that would be an excellent conversation starter. Don’t forget neon clocks. Those feature fun pictures, neon and chrome!

So just like that, you have created your very own 50’s style diner for this century. Now just crank up the tunes and twist and shout!

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